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About Lunarise Pictures

Lunarise Pictures Inc. is a canadian film production company founded by Saif Eddine Regragui. With headquarters in Morocco and Canada, we are dedicated to crafting captivating cinematic experiences. Our commitment to storytelling, innovation, and visual artistry sets us apart in the world of film production.

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The Team

Daring and inspirational, our leaders fearlessly nurture skills, kindle creativity, and fuel exceptional performance.

Saif Eddine Regragui - CEO & Founder

Saif Eddine Regragui

Founder & CEO

Omar Kaalite


Jennifer Jimmy



Saif Eddine Regragui - CEO & Founder

Saif Eddine Regragui


“Here at Lunarise Pictures, we’re not just a studio; we’re a dynamic creative force driven by passion and innovation. With a portfolio of inspiring projects and a dedication to delivering cinematic excellence, we offer an environment where every team member can thrive and make a meaningful impact. Our commitment to storytelling and visual artistry sets us apart, and being part of Lunarise Pictures means joining a community where collaboration, imagination, and the pursuit of excellence are at the heart of everything we do. “

Our Values

Cinematic Innovation

We are driven by the pursuit of innovation in every aspect of filmmaking.

Collaborative Spirit

We believe that by combining the talents of diverse artists, we unlock unlimited creative potential.

Empowering Indie Filmmakers

We are dedicated to supporting indie filmmakers in realizing their visions. Through our services and resources.

Comprehensive Services

At Lunarise Pictures, we offer a range of services to bring cinematic visions to life. From production and post-production to design, photography, and visual effects, our studio is a one-stop destination for filmmakers and creators.

Join our Team

Are you excited about becoming a part of our team? We offer a range of opportunities that embrace our individual strengths and talents.

Our Vision

At Lunarise Pictures, we envision a world where storytelling knows no boundaries. We strive to redefine cinematic excellence by crafting narratives that transport audiences beyond the realm of the ordinary. Our vision is to be a guiding light in the world of visual storytelling, igniting imagination and evoking emotions through every frame we create.

Lunarise Pictures offers diverse and quality services to independent filmmakers

We offers top-notch production and post-production services that bring your vision to life.

Lunarise Studios is where your imagination meets reality. Our cutting-edge green screen technology and fully equipped photography studio provide the perfect space for your visual projects. From photography to videography, explore endless creative possibilities in our inspiring environment. Unleash your vision at Lunarise Studios.

Moonlight VFX is your gateway to the world of visual enchantment. Our expert team specializes in creating stunning visual effects that elevate your projects to a whole new level. Whether it’s enhancing cinematic sequences or adding magical elements to your content, Moonlight VFX brings your imagination to life with precision and creativity. Explore the realm of endless visual possibilities with Moonlight VFX.

Lunarise Pictures offers a unique opportunity to capture the rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes of Morocco. Our local expertise and access to diverse locations provide filmmakers and photographers with the canvas to bring their visions to life. From historic cities to the vast Sahara Desert, Morocco Filming is your partner in crafting immersive and authentic visual experiences in this captivating country. Discover Morocco through your lens with us.

Our Equipment Rental service is your key to accessing top-tier gear for your creative endeavors. Whether you’re a filmmaker, photographer, or content creator, having the right tools is essential. From high-end cameras and lighting to specialized equipment, we provide a wide range of gear to empower your projects. Explore new horizons and unleash your creative potential with our top-quality equipment at your fingertips. Rent the gear you need and turn your ideas into reality.

Our Future Goals

  • Expanding Global Presence: Lunarise Pictures envisions extending its reach beyond borders. Our goal is to collaborate with international talents, building bridges between cultures and creating cinematic experiences that resonate worldwide.
  • State-of-the-Art Studios: We are committed to establishing state-of-the-art production and post-production studios that serve as creative hubs for filmmakers, artists, and professionals.
  • Educational Initiatives: With a commitment to nurturing talent, we plan to launch educational initiatives and workshops. By sharing our knowledge and experiences.
  • Creating a Legacy: Ultimately, our future goals revolve around creating a lasting legacy of exceptional cinematic experiences.

Contact US

Phone: + 1 800 755 60 20
Adress: 3 Walt Whitman Road Brooklyn, NY 11219
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